Monday, 14 November 2011

It has been a while ....

Well here it is. My first blog post in flippin ages. I'm sat at home feeling ill, under strict instructions not to leave the warn confides of the house. And it's probably the first time in 12 months that I've felt bored. I know many of you have encouraged me to get blogging over the last few months but I think it's probably a friend called Emily (one of the newest flans of the blog) that has finally convinced me to put pen to paper.

Some time ago I put out a vote for people to express which mgl story they most desperately wanted posted so here it is, the long anticipated the log;

The log

I'm heading back to when I was in year 10. I'm in a forest and the rain is absolutely pounding down. I'm wearing glasses and my prescription at his instance at time is -4.00 in my left eye and - 4.25 in the right eye. For those who don't know what that means, I'm blind without glasses. I'm the kind of person who if I existed 200 years ago would have had a fatal accident when crossing the road or something similar. Anyway there is rain on my glasses and I really can't see a thing, oh did I mention its winter and about 10pm at night. Why I am in a forest at 10pm at night, when it's raining, in the middle of winter, good question. Well I'm on an 'adventure' weekend run by the somewhat crazy games leader know in this blog as Mr C.

Mr C is in the nicest possible way a bit of a nutter. He cycles three times a week including getting up early on a Saturday, he dislocated his shoulder on a bike ride and carried on going and has participated in many similar stunts.

Anyway this weekend involves climbing through disused sewage pipes, wading through rivers, building massive fires and playing on rope swings.

I'm in the forest rolling down a massive bank and I hit a tree that I couldn't possibly be expected to see. OUCH! After all night of climbing under stuff, walking through pipes, we arrive at what is normally the pinnacle of the night. I think what I love about Mr C is that all his activities are real. When you're at a theme park all the rides evoke adrenaline responses that add to the enjoyment of what in reality are very safe activities. With Mr. C everything has genuine danger and none more so than for myself.

So the log. It's basically a log around 12.5cm wide, connecting two different banks over a sheer drop. The drop is probably 10m. Mr C explains that he'll go first and put a rope across and then we should follow. Either follow sitting down, or on your knees or if you're feeling really brave standing up. Three people follow Mr C all standing up and I've never been one to not take up a challenge. The log must be bout 7m across and there's another massive tree in the way half way across the distance. I'm doing pretty well to be honest, I'm not looking down and here's where it all goes wrong. I hadn't listened when Mr C had said the robe was merely for support and should not be used as a weight bearing device. Half way across I put all my weight on this rope, I call it a rope it was more like string. I went forward and fell backwards. Nearly taking out everyone on the log (4 people). And then I fell off the log. But I was still hanging on to the rope. Mr C comes running across the log, and I can see genuine fear in his face 'DON'T YOU DARE LET GO'. He tried to pull me up onto the log but I was a big lump back then. Despite all his attempts, I eventually uttered the words I can't hold on anymore, and my hands gave way. I fell for a good few seconds long enough to actively consciously think this is going to hurt. And then it did. I think If I feel off that log today I would be in a lot of trouble, probably broken bones, collapses lung, the works. But my somewhat chubbier younger self picked himself up after falling 10m and then tried to find everyone else. Mr C grabbed me, asking if I was ok, before promptly sending me to recomplete the task of walking across the log.

All in a nights work,


Monday, 18 October 2010

The first few weeks of Uni ...

Hi guys, I do apologise that is has been so long since my last blog. What can I say 2nd year of medicine is tough. Also a further apology my next blog will not be the ‘log’ but on the last few weeks of uni. Anyway without further delay ....

Flan Times

I’ve had a great summer, all is right with the world, the sun is out and the sky blue, and I’m driving back to university with high hopes for a trouble free term. My mother, being the wonderful woman she is had baked me a beautiful flan.

I can’t really describe just how beautiful this flan is, it has a thick pastry case, a beautiful and thick custard base, every different sort of fruit covered in a sweet jelly. Mmmmmm.

Anyway i’m driving back to uni fantasising about eating this amazing flan, when I have to break sharply due to a ridiculously placed speed camera. My flan smashes on the floor. Man, this is an awful moment. Its literally everywhere custard over the seats, jelly on the floor, enough to bring you to tears to be honest. Anyway I pull myself together, and 10 minutes down the road I hear this fizzing sound. I look round to find one of my beers had spontaneously popped and is fizzing everywhere and slowly but surely forming a paste with the flan. I mean how unlikely is that? Do these things happen to anyone else?

So it came to pass that I spent my first day at uni cleaning my car of a paste made of flan and beer. You wouldn’t believe how much the car smelt after that!

MGL (for now)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

My reply to that note

Dear Number 1,

I do hope you are well and enjoying what has been in my opinion a wonderful summer. As regards your note of the 02/09/2010 I have read and understood it.

Although I appreciate your concerns and think that they are valid, the last few days have been difficult as regards parking due to family visiting. I have parked as considerately as possible, considering not only you but the greater good of the whole road. I do find that living in such a small road means that compromise becomes a living and breathing reality of life. I would be interested in any ideas as to where you think I would be better to park?

I’m sure like me you find it paroxysmal how we live so close to each other and know so little about each other. I would find it tremendous if you felt I was approachable and we could talk issues like these through rather than have to put into practice the art that is writing.

Although I appreciate that reversing out of your road is difficult with your tremendous skill I Believe you can do it.

In summary you park outside out house frequently, so shut up.

Kind regards,


A note on my car from my neighbour (grammer and spelling corrected by me)

Tuesday, 31 August 2010